Boring Technical Analysis Course

I provide coaching on the Boring Trader Lifestyle. This includes the following

Practical Aspects of Trading

  1. What type of a trader are you?
  2. Do you have what it takes to be a trader?
  3. Intraday or Positional? What kind of trading suits your personality and temperament.
  4. How much Capital to start with?
  5. Candlestick patterns combined with Classical Western patterns for that clear edge.
  6. Pivot Points and their use in Intraday and Positional trading.
  7. All about Stop losses. Different types of SL’s. Importance of trailing SL.
  8. How many lots to trade and when to increase them.
  9. Simple yet powerful Intraday Trading strategy.
  10. Trading tactics for special situations like gaps etc.
  11. All about Fibonacci Retracement, Fans and Projections and how to use them in trading.
  12. How to derive Nifty Expiry day levels and how to trade them.
  13. How to take Entry and Exits. Management of trade from start to end.
  14. Simple yet powerful Positional trading strategy.
  15. A Simple Option Strategy that has a 80%+ success ratio when it sets up.
  16. Position sizing and Money Management tactics.
  17. Make sense of it together – Technical Analysis + Money Management + Psychology = Trading Success.

Psychology of Trading

  1. The psyche of a trader
  2. The Psychology of Trading.
  3. Mindset of a winning trader.
  4. Visualizing your way to trading success.
  5. Why profitable trading is a boring endeavor.
  6. Trading as a business.
  7. How to handle a losing streak.
  8. Why paper trading is good as well as bad.
  9. Using the correct broker.
  10. How to become a consistently profitable trader – A summary.

I conduct the entire course one on one over Skype for undivided attention. Post the course I will mentor till the student is ready to go at it on his own.

To know about the pricing of the Boring Technical Analysis Course, kindly email me at or call me on +917745082832.


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